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About us


We are facing a crisis in mental health – a crisis that is affecting, and is affected by, business.


12 billion working days are lost each year to depression and anxiety alone. At MindForward Alliance, we believe that businesses have a responsibility and an opportunity to protect, support and create positive mental health for their people. Not only is this the right thing to do, but evidence shows that mentally healthy businesses perform better in terms of productivity, recruitment, retention and even share price.

No one understands this better than MindForward Alliance – we were originally founded, and continue to be led, by business leaders who have faced these challenges themselves. We understand that businesses must act so that their people and business can thrive.

Our strength lies in our network. In the UK, we bring together and work with leaders in some of the largest businesses in the financial, legal, professional services and technology industries to help them transform their culture and working practices. Working alongside experts and strategic partners, we share new learnings and good practice, and we provide the tools, training and guidance that businesses need to effect change with confidence.

Working together, we can make the workplace better for mental health and better for business.


MindForward Alliance (formerly the CMHA) is a brilliant example of how businesses can contribute to the health of the nation and ease the burden on the NHS.

Simon Stevens
NHS Chief Executive

Membership of MindForward Alliance allows us to be part of a group of organisations who are leading the way on mental health across the UK, sharing learning and tackling challenges together.  The connections we have made since joining, the early insight we get into new developments in the field and the opportunities it affords to help shape the agenda have been immensely valuable. Access to Poppy and her colleagues provides a sounding board, a barometer, by which we can gauge the progress of our mental health programme and collaboratively innovate to move forward.

Sally Evans