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Mental Health Difficulties in Children and Young People: A Toolkit for Parents


One in six children (16%) aged between five to 16 are likely to have a mental health disorder. For young people aged 17-19, this figure jumped to one if four in 2021-2022.

It is worrying and stressful for any parent to see their child having difficulty with their mental health, and when you search for information it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled 'Mental Health Difficulties in Children and Young People. A Toolkit for Parents'. It is designed  to provide an overview of the key topics, signpost to further information from trusted sources, and share insights from parents and young people who have been through it.

This toolkit will help you to:

  • Understand good mental health and mental health difficulties in children and young people
  • Be aware of why and when difficulties can arise and what to look out for
  • Know how to help your child if they are struggling
  • Know when and how to get professional help
  • Understand that you need to look after yourself, too.

MindForward Alliance UK (formerly the City Mental Health Alliance) is focused on helping businesses to support the wellbeing of all their people. Given that parents make up a significant proportion of most workforces, we hope that businesses will share this toolkit internally as a support to those who need it.

This toolkit has been produced in collaboration with our Members PwC, Morgan Stanley and the Bank of England, and leading mental health organisations Place2Be, Young Minds and The Pears Maudsley Centre for Children and Young People. 

New Research Report


Our report reveals how the children's mental health crisis is impacting on working parents.

And what positive action employers can take in response.