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By joining our Alliance as a member of MindForward Alliance UK, you will accelerate your journey towards building a mentally healthy business.


You will instantly become part of both a UK and global community of business leaders, which is committed to transforming mental health in the workplace. Our network is our strength. You will have every opportunity to connect with and learn from industry peers who are on the same journey.

Our team of MindForward Alliance UK experts are with you at every stage, with strategic advice, resources, guidance and an annual workplace assessment to make certain that you continue to make progress.

Read our Membership FAQS to find out if your organisation could be part of this global alliance.


Membership benefits

Members have access to our Thriving at Work Programme, which brings together business-led, expert guided resources, including:

All resources and tools draw on the extensive knowledge and experience from across our membership base,  as well as mental health experts and available evidence.

Find out more about our membership benefits  or contact us to find out how your organisation can become a member.

Fill in the form to submit an enquiry and we will arrange a call to discuss how you can benefit from membership of MindForward Alliance UK.


"Membership of MindForward Alliance UK (formerly the CMHA) allows us to be part of a group of organisations who are leading the way on mental health across the UK, sharing learning and tackling challenges together..."


"MindForward Alliance UK members may at times compete for business in the market but this is the one place where we all work effortlessly together in building a better workplace for all..."