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World Wellbeing Movement collaboration

Announcing new collaboration with the World Wellbeing Movement

World Wellbeing Movement and MindForward Alliance collaborate to put wellbeing at the heart of decision-making in business.

Thriving a Work Awards 2024

Global Thriving a Work (TAW) Awards 2024

Entries are now open for our Global Thriving at Work Awards. Members are encouraged to get your nominations in before 26 January 2024 to ensure your organisation is recognised for their innovation and good practice. 

Mentally Healthier Nation report

Mentally Healthier Nation report

This report, published by the Centre for Mental Health, is a call to action to the Government to address the challenges we face in the UK relating to the worsening mental health crisis.


Mental health support services and information in the workplace

This blog, by Dr Fiona Pienaar, discusses the benefits of offering a range of mental health support services and information in the workplace setting

Announcing a new Global Board

Announcing a new Global Board

MindForward Alliance Announces New Global Board and Two New Executive Roles


Announcing MindForward Alliance UK

The City Mental Health Alliance UK changes name to MindForward Alliance UK.


Kumar Kymal takes on the role of MindForward Alliance US Chair

MindForward Alliance is delighted to announce that Kumar Kymal will take on the role of Chair of MindForward Alliance US. 


World Suicide Prevention Day 2023

World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is an initiative from the  International Association for Suicide Prevention  (IASP) taking place on the 10th September annually.

Anxiety Workplace Fiona Pienaar Mental Health Innovations

Anxiety in the Workplace

Dr Fiona Pienaar discusses anxiety in the workplace and gives tips on how to manage it.

hidden or unseen workers

How can we improve the lives of hidden, or unseen, workers

In building a mentally healthy workplace, businesses should be considering how they are supporting the positive mental health of their whole ecosystem.