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Announcing new collaboration with the World Wellbeing Movement

Announcing new collaboration with the World Wellbeing Movement
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World Wellbeing Movement and MindForward Alliance collaborate to put wellbeing at the heart of decision-making in business.

Two leading social impact organisations have joined forces to build upon, and mobilise, global insights from both science and practical experience of the workplace.

Global not-for-profit organisations the World Wellbeing Movement and MindForward Alliance will collaborate on research to assess interventions designed to boost workplace wellbeing, as well as related thought leadership opportunities and events aimed at transforming workplace culture into one that supports the mental health of its employees.

Research will be informed by the Wellbeing Research Centre at the University of Oxford, within which the World Wellbeing Movement is housed.

World Wellbeing Movement co-founder Prof Jan-Emmanuel De Neve discusses the state of workplace wellbeing with MindForward Alliance advisor Henrietta Jowitt

The new collaboration will build upon a strong track record of workplace wellbeing leadership by both organisations.

Since its launch in July 2022, the World Wellbeing Movement has already enabled far-reaching impact through its involvement with Indeed’s Work Wellbeing Score – the largest study of workplace wellbeing in the world – and provided insights to S&P Global about the inclusion of four key dimensions of workplace wellbeing into their large-scale Corporate Sustainability Assessment , which includes more than 13,000 of the world’s largest companies.

It has also supported Lord Richard Layard’s Como Wellbeing Manifesto , challenging policymakers, businesses, schools, and individuals alike to reappraise the ultimate goal for society ‘beyond GDP’ to a measure of people’s wellbeing.

The World Wellbeing Movement’s membership boasts some of the world’s largest companies, including Unilever Walls, HSBC and Cisco, amongst many others.

MindForward Alliance is a global membership organisation, that is focused on transforming workplace mental health. It has evolved from the City Mental Health Alliance (CMHA), originally founded in London in 2012, and has grown from there. Drawing on best practices from businesses across the world, MindForward Alliance provides strategic advice, tools and a collaborative network to support businesses to build mentally healthy workplaces, at both a regional and a global level.

This includes benchmarking assessments that give managers a roadmap to building a mentally healthy workplace, strategic roundtables and seminars that bring businesses together to solve workplace mental health issues, to step-by-step guidance that drives change. MindForward Alliance has a presence in UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, India and Portugal.

MindForward Alliance members from across the world include Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, BNY Mellon and Ocado.

Sarah Cunningham, Managing Director of the World Wellbeing Movement, said:

“The World Wellbeing Movement feels strongly about the importance of collaborating with organisations that share our fundamental values of putting wellbeing first, and MindForward Alliance has already established itself as a network of changemakers transforming workplaces to do exactly that.
Our collaboration connects some of the world’s leading academic researchers from the field of wellbeing science with business leaders who recognise the role that workplaces must play in supporting the mental health of their people.
We are delighted to formalise the relationship between the World Wellbeing Movement and MindForward Alliance, and look forward to working together to positively transform the future of work.”

Poppy Jaman, Executive Vice Chair at MindForward Alliance, said:

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the World Wellbeing Movement. For over a decade, our Alliance’s community of business leaders have collaborated to help identify challenges, share good practice and work together to find solutions for better workplace mental health.
We are looking forward to working together with the World Wellbeing Movement to build an evidence base for what does and doesn’t work. This is a key milestone as we work towards achieving our vision that every workplace is good for people’s mental health.”

Find out more about the work of the World Wellbeing Movement at  and explore the MindForward Alliance network at .