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CMHA Newsletter - July 2022

CMHA Newsletter - July 2022
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Welcome to the City Mental Health Alliance newsletter, with insights, events and guidance to help your business to improve workplace mental health. Do share with anyone who may find it useful. 

What should businesses know about financial wellbeing? 
You can find expert insights and practical ideas of how businesses can support the financial wellbeing of their people in this free, short guide from the CMHA. Read here .

How will workplaces change the world?
Poppy Jaman reflects on the World Health Organisation’s World Mental Health Report, and the implications for the workplace. Read here.

CMHA Launches Global Chapter
In June, the CMHA launched MindForward Alliance , a global chapter from the City Mental Health Alliance. MindForward Alliance will support businesses to develop their global approach to workplace mental health. Read more.  

Assess Global Workplace Mental Health Strategy

MindForward Alliance, the new global chapter from the CMHA , has launched the Global Thriving at Work Assessment which will measure and benchmark your global workplace mental health strategy, as well as provide country/region comparison. Read more.