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City Mental Health Alliance UK appoints new CEO

City Mental Health Alliance UK appoints new CEO
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Alison Unsted takes on leadership role at City Mental Health Alliance UK  

The Board is pleased to announce that Alison Unsted has been appointed as CEO for the CMHA UK.   

Alison, previously Deputy-CEO, has led and delivered on the strategy that has helped to drive the growth and impact of the CMHA UK. This has included establishing a pioneering workplace wellbeing programme, involving business-led guidance, collaborative and learning events for business leaders and HR/wellbeing leads and the Thriving At Work Benchmarking Assessment . 

Alison has also worked with our community of business leaders to drive initiatives that are having a wider impact, including being involved in the launch of the Change the Race Ratio campaign and leading a working group of experts to create the first Mental Health Toolkit for Parents and Carers .  

Brian Heyworth, Chair of the CMHA UK Board, said,

“The CMHA UK has been helping to transform workplace mental health for over a decade. Our impact is driven by the leadership, commitment and collaboration of our member businesses, supported by our dedicated executive team. Alison is absolutely the right person to build on all the progress we have made so that, together, we can continue to promote and establish the highest standards of mental health in the workplace.” 

Alison Unsted, CEO of CMHA UK, said,

“Workplace mental health has never been more urgent - our country is in a mental health crisis with rising numbers experiencing mental ill health. So it is an absolute privilege to be a part of the visionary CMHA community of business leaders that is united by its focus to transform workplace mental health. Our community recognises, and is acting on, the unique and powerful opportunity that businesses have to address this crisis through protecting and creating positive mental health for employees.” 
“My focus will be on working with our CMHA business community to push for and embed new ways of working and better, inclusive workplace mental health. And, ultimately, ensure that inclusive mental health and wellbeing is at the heart of every business strategy. When we get this right, our employees, businesses and society will thrive.”   

Alison is taking over from Poppy Jaman, who is now Global CEO of MindForward Alliance , the global chapter of the CMHA.  Poppy will remain on the UK board, ensuring continued collaboration between the global and UK programmes. 

Before the City Mental Health Alliance, Alison led on the delivery of wellbeing and inclusion strategies for businesses including Hogan Lovells, BAE Systems and the John Lewis Partnership.