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Deloitte challenges mental health stigma in early careers

Deloitte challenges mental health stigma in early careers
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Read how Deloitte’s Financial Advisory business worked with the CMHA to challenge mental health stigma talent population.

The City Mental Health Alliance partnered with the HR team and network of young professionals from Deloitte’s Financial Advisory department to design and deliver a mental health awareness event for junior talent. The focus was on how our early careers employees could balance work and personal lives, and help them take steps to recognise and avoid fatigue and burnout. There were three objectives for the two - hour session.   

  1. Normalise conversations about mental health  
  2. Help attendees to feel empowered, and develop their skills, to prioritise their mental health in the workplace, especially at times of high pressure   
  3. Signpost to the different avenues of wellbeing support offered by Deloitte.   

The session was made up of two parts – the first part was a panel event which brought together different personal stories and perspectives from junior and senior employees. The second was an interactive learning session, which helped attendees to develop their own plan for how they can maintain positive mental health.   

Helen Millen, Director, Financial Advisory, Deloitte:  

We partnered with Farimah and the team from the CMHA to deliver a two-hour mental health awareness session for our junior talent, and I’m pleased to say that it delivered on all objectives. The panel conversation created a real sense of openness and understanding for everyone involved and prompted lots of great questions and engagement with attendees. While the learning session helped our young professionals to think about what warning behaviours they need to look out for in themselves and steps they can take to look after their wellbeing. Feedback from attendees has been really positive . Farimah worked closely with our team throughout the planning process to develop a unique event that met our specific needs. The CMHA team’s experience and guidance was invaluable when it came to honing in on the content that was most impactful, relevant and engaging for our audience .”