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Impact of children's mental health on working parents



The mental health crisis in children is potentially having an impact on hundreds of thousands working parents across the UK.

That's why MindForward Alliance UK (formerly the City Mental Health Alliance), in partnership with Morgan Stanley and PwC,  commissioned research to better understand the extent and nature of this impact. The study also explored how businesses can practically support those employees who are navigating this challenge. 

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Our findings included:

  • 68% of the working parents surveyed were concerned about their child(ren)’s mental health in last two years
  • 60% of surveyed parents who are concerned about their child(ren)’s mental health say that it negatively affects their own mental health.
  • 65% of those who are concerned said that their concerns about and situation with their child has impacted them at work in some way
  • 66% of all survey respondents said they would like support from their employer if child(ren) were struggling with mental health and/or emotional wellbeing issues.

Our report brings together the voices and insights, via a YouGov survey and focus groups, of over 1,000 parents and mental health experts.

You will also find business-led recommendations for what businesses can do to support parents and their families as they navigate this challenge, and examples of good practice. 

Download the research report


Watch the recording of our Research Launch Event


Mental Health Difficulties in Children and Young People. A Toolkit for Parents

You may also be interested in our Parents' Toolkit .  It's designed  to provide an overview of the key topics, signpost to further information from trusted sources, and share insights from parents and young people who have been through it.