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About our training


Effective training that builds workplaces where people and businesses can thrive


Globally, around 12 billion working days a year are lost to depression and anxiety according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). And the cost? Up to US$1 trillion in reduced productivity, with the personal price paid immeasurable. Studies show that mental ill health doesn't just impact the person experiencing it - it has a knock on effect for their family and communities, too.

Given these statistics, it’s no surprise that organisations across the world are prioritising the building of mentally healthy workplaces. And impactful, targeted workplace mental health training is proven to be one of the essential components for making this happen.

The health of your business relies on the health of your people, which is why training is vital. At City Mental Health Alliance, we draw on over a decade’s worth of experience of driving change in workplace mental health to design training that will help your people and your business to thrive.

We understand that different employee groups will have different needs and hold different responsibilities. From our Executive Masterclass that’s tailored to senior leadership teams, to our popular line manager course to our general mental health awareness essentials training, as well as specific courses for people in their early careers, our training is carefully designed to be appropriate and relevant.

Find out more about our range of training courses which can be bespoked to your specific organisational requirements.

The CMHA also offers a range of panel discussion events, fireside chat or standard webinar sessions, to help generate interest in mental health and wellbeing which complement our training course portfolio.  These events can provide an opportunity to drive forward engagement, putting forward the strong evidence proving the business case for investing in mental health, as well as creating an appetite for further training and skills development. Find out more .