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Standards for Mentally Healthy Recruitment and Induction in Early Careers


The transition from education into the workplace brings intense change and new challenges for young people. It can be stressful. The seismic events and uncertainty of 2020 have magnified that stress, with numerous studies pointing to the fact that the mental health of younger adults are significantly impacted. So it’s more important than ever to think about how we can support the positive mental health of our young people.

We also know that young people are judging future employers on how they support their people. CMHA research shows that 91% of people applying for an early careers job in financial, professional or legal services are more likely to apply to an employer that shows a commitment to supporting their mental health and wellbeing.

The CMHA, working with business and mental health experts, has identified eight standards for mentally healthy recruitment and induction to help young people to thrive from the start. These standards are a roadmap for designing an early careers recruitment and induction process that supports the mental health of young people as they make the stressful transition from education into the workplace. The standards are underpinned by the CMHA's Guide To Mentally Healthy Recruitment and Induction. 

Download the standards